The Transformation From Fluorescent Bulbs To LED Lights And LEDs’ Importance In Electrical Equipment

Bright, durable and utilized in most electronics and even to help plants mature, they are known as Light Emitting Diodes or simply LEDs, and these small lights have changed the electronics industry. Computer systems and small electronics were the first products to use ones as electrical components, and helped pave the way for these lights to be used to help plants grow. Fluorescent bulbs once ruled the market for electrical components and acted as the main source of light for electrical equipment for computer systems and small home electronics. Even when the earliest LEDs were introduced, they were restricted to the color red, as red was also the cheapest color for companies to order.

Electrical Equipment

Computer systems were one of the earliest devices to utilize LED lights, but even in the late 70s and 80s, LED lights were still expensive to buy. LED lights soon showed up in more colors, but companies who used the lights still stuck with red LED lights to keep the price on the low end for clients. Computer companies were the prime example of sticking with the color red, even when the LED-color spectrum had expanded to provide blue and green how do i read comments on twitter colors.

One company who stuck with red ones was Nintendo, and a prime example was when they released the Virtual Boy, a 3-D console that portrayed images in red LED lights. According to Nintendo, the addition of blue and green colors to the LED screen would have made an electronic device that most customers would have seen as too expensive. Today, well-known electronics include ones, such as grow lights, televisions, and computer screens.

Why Electronics Use LEDs

Before television sets ever included LED lights in their screens, they used old cathode ray tubes to broadcast the image on a fluorescent screen. Despite the success of cathode ray tubes and fluorescent screens in the 80s and 90s, the newer technology that appeared presented better images and brighter colors that tube televisions could not copy. Plasma and LCD screens got rid of the tube-television technology located in older televisions, but LED also improved on the LCD and Plasma-based screens.

Yet LEDs were favored over LCD displays and fluorescent bulbs not because of their sharper images and brighter colors, but because LEDs were capable of outlasting their competition and could be utilized for an assortment of devices. For instance, Light Emitting Diodes were capable of being utilized for LED grow lights to offer energy to plants and work as a mini, indoor sun. No grow light system that uses fluorescent bulbs can survive longer than a system that includes them because of the lifespan that LED lights feature.

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