The Three Step Ladder to Becoming an IAS Officer in India

The most popular reason for individuals to opt for civil services in India is the prestige which comes with it. Few young people enrol in an IAS academy in Chennai with the hope of helping the citizens of the nation or addressing the problems that prevail in the country. Ultimately, the real motive and drive for becoming an IAS officer are defeated.

When asked, all the top UPSC civil services coaching in the nation say the same thing: an aspirant should not sit for the IAS exam with the thought ‘how will it help me?’ Becoming a civil officer is unlike having a cushy private job. The perceptions the life of IAS demands from a person are:


  1. Societal reformation.
  2. What can the candidate deliver to the nation and its people?

The job of an IAS officer is poles apart from corporates. Its limits are not confined to the scope of a company. Civil service is all about working towards bringing a positive change in the community as a whole and consequently the entire country.


All India Civil Service Coaching Centre Chennai Explains 3 Winning Stages

Now that the motive behind sitting for the UPSC-conducted examination is apparent, it is time to move on to the three-step ladder of clearing it.


  • The Prelims.

The first stage of becoming a civil servant is passing the prelims exam. This test checks two aspects of a candidate:



  1. Basic knowledge
  2. General Aptitude

It proves that the right IAS candidate would be one who works on personality and the brain right from the start. And it is the juncture where most aspirants make a fatal mistake. They believe that learning everything under the sky adds to their knowledge, what they overlook is the fundamentals.


To pass this step of the ladder most coaching academies advice:


  1. Reading the NCERT books from cover to cover thoroughly.
  2. Solving questions that were asked in previous years.
  3. Reading newspapers daily to have the affairs of the world on your fingertips.
  • The Mains.

While flying through the first stage is a pay for essay reddit commendable job, the second is not easy. The main exam of the IAS competition is meant to test a deeper level of knowledge of the remaining candidates on diverse subjects. At this stage, the books and reading material are essential but equally important is the understanding of the society at large. It is why a civil service aspirant should not limit to academic studies. They should interact with peers and experts to get a higher and more comprehensive outlook of the nation

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