Targeted Press Release Writing – 4 Keys to Press Release Writing

Press releases are still one of the best ways to market your product/service. Here is 4 key points to remember when writing a great press release:

1. Come up with a very interesting title. pay for essay reddit Your title should successfully attract your target readers’ attention so you can be assured that your press release will be read. Make your title concise, intriguing, brief, and it must summarize your message. It will also help if you will include relevant keywords or keyphrases to make it search-engine friendly.

2. Be direct. Beating around the bush and press release writing are never compatible. Hold your readers attention by presenting facts without the use of fancy words. State the most important information on the first two paragraphs of your press release so as you won’t waste your readers’ precious time and yours.

3. Make your press release easy on the eyes. Avoid writing an essay-like press release, they are usually left unread. Keep your sentences short, use active voice, and be brief. Your paragraphs should contain 4-5 sentences only. Decent press releases usually have 4-5 paragraphs excluding the company and writer’s information.

4. Leave your contact information.  The idea behind press release writing is to get your readers do what you want them to. If you want them to buy your products or take advantage of your services, let them know how they can reach you. Leave your phone or fax number, email address, and postal address. You can also give them brief background of your company and yourself to build customer trust. If your company has won an award that is relevant to the industry and target market, do not forget to include that in your press release, it will surely rake a number of interested customers.


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