Real Estate CE

Like many professional industries, real estate CE depends on the state that the Realtor is working in. Continuing education is required for all real estate agents at various stages in their careers. Generally, this requirement is part of the license renewal process, meaning that a license cannot be renewed without having met the continuing education requirements of the state Department of Real Estate. Most states, on average, will require real estate agents to have about 8-12 hours of continuing education every two years. Some states will have higher standards, and some might have lower standards.

For example, residents and real estate agents that work in New York are required to have 22 1/2 hours of continuing education every two years, while residents of Michigan are only required to have 18 hours of education every three years. These intervals also indicate the renewal cycles within each state. For example, a New York license is only valid for two years, while a Michigan license will be valid for three years. In addition to mandating and verifying the state required real estate CE, states also determine which types of courses people are required to take. Many states require real estate professionals to take a few hours of ethics and legal courses with their continuing education, while others will have no guidelines for the exact courses taken, so long as the requirement is met.

These records remain on file with the proper state department, so that all real estate professionals are regulated and monitored to ensure that they’re getting the education that they need, and also that they are getting licenses renewed when it is  property for sale in fethiye turkey necessary. Any business can check with the state department to get information on an employee or potential employee and see if their continuing education guidelines have been met or their status of licensure. This allows employers to keep tabs on their employees, as well, which can save them from allowing an unlicensed real estate agent or an agent whose license wasn’t renewed to work in their business. Any business that allows an agent to work that doesn’t have an active and current license can get into serious trouble by state boards and departments

Any real estate agent will learn all about the real estate CE that is required of them in their initial training and at the time that they are first licensed. Those who work for companies that provide the training for employees are often not required to keep track of their own CE requirements and courses that they have completed. However, it is still a good idea for each agent to track and maintain records of their own real estate CE accomplishments in the event that there is a question of whether courses were taken or not.


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