How To Use Minisites To Drive Online Business

Minisites form an online marketing tool and provide a fantastic way to increase online traffic, convert more leads, and gain more online exposure for your business. If you’ve never heard of minisites before, think of them this way: they cannabis kaufen online act as smaller versions of your main business website. Your main website’s logo, design, and branding remain the same on your minisites (unless you opt to change this). Minisites are used in online marketing because they are designed to drive more targeted traffic through to your main website and generate enquiries.

You can configure your minisites so that particular buttons and phrases link back to your website or other relevant pages. This funnels traffic that has been directed to your minisites back to your main website.

The beauty of minisites is that you can utilise them to target niche audiences within your industry. Depending on what domains are available, you can adopt them for particular products or services in which your business specialises. For example, if you own a landscaping business, you might have a minisite aimed at attracting people who are interested in weeding, and perhaps register for a domain similar to gardenweeding.example.com.au. The more specific you are in your choice of minisite, the more targeted your traffic will be.

Minisites are optimised on popular search engines such as Google so that your products, your services, and your business are more widely available online. This brings with it a twofold effect: firstly, you are generating more targeted traffic because your minisites target niche audiences and secondly, your business is represented on multiple online platforms, thus increasing your credibility and a degree of trust with your audience.

How do you get your minisites to rank higher in search engine rankings such as Google’s organic search rankings? There are a few insider secrets to give your business a search engine boost and a very simple one is keyword dropping in content. In the previous example of landscaping, let’s say we are writing content for the aforementioned minisite about garden weeding. Your job is to try to include the exact phrase or keyword of your minisite’s domain name (in this case, ‘garden weeding’) throughout the minisite’s content. It’s important to use discretion when doing this however; too few keyword inclusions will mean your site won’t get picked up by search engines, but too many will flag your site as spam. There are conflicting theories about how many keywords you should use but generally, try not to exceed five or six per page. You don’t want to flood your potential customers with distracting links and nonsensical sentence structure. But again, the rules differ for each person and each site; it basically comes down to what you are trying to accomplish.

The more available your business is online, the more chance you have of attracting new and qualified leads to convert into sales. Minisites provide a fantastic opportunity to boost your online presence and attract a wider, yet more targeted audience pool.

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