How to Sell a Wrecked Car

You might be thinking that no one will be interested in buying wrecked and damaged cars. However, you are definitely far away from the truth. There are a lot of people and companies who specialize in such trades because it is profitable.

Learn how to sell a wrecked car with the methods below sell a car and get your cash back. One of the method to sell damaged car for more money is to sell by yourself and not through an agent.

Why not have an agent to sell for you? Although every single detail in the selling process is handled by the agent, they will take a commission from you. Since the salvaged car is not going to be sold for a high amount, the cash you received for the sales of your junk car will be even lesser.

There are several options for you to sell your wrecked car. Read on to find out more.

Post an Ad to Sell a Wrecked Car

Post an ad that you have wrecked car for sales in Craigslist. Post details and be honest with what happened with the car and the reasons for selling the damaged car.

Alternatively, you may post your damaged car ads in car related forums. This will ensure that you have the targeted crowd to buy your wrecked car. However, while posting on car forums, do not spam your ads as spammers are not welcomed in forum. And post the ads in the related category in the forum, such as the “Buy / Sell” category.

If paper advertising is cheap in your area, consider placing and ad in a local newspapers for a couple of days for awareness.

Sell a Wrecked Car Using Auctions

There are companies that allows you to list your car with them and sell your car for a small fees. Do a Google for “car auction company” and you are likely to find several websites for you to list and sell your car.

You may list your wrecked motors on eBay, which is an extremely popular on-line auction site.

If you are wondering what the difference between auction companies and an agent, basically they work the same way, they earn by taking commissions from your sales. However the differences lie in the selling price of your wreck. With auctions, you are able to set your minimum selling price.

You are not limited to one car auction company to sell your car. You are allowed find several different companies and this greatly increase your chances of selling your junk auto, due to the increase in exposure.

However, with an agent, you are usually required to sign a contract to give him exclusivity to sell your car within 2-6 months. During this period, only he can sell your car for you. If you try to sell your wreck motor yourself, you have to pay a penalty for breaking the contract.

Sell a Wrecked Car to Junkyards

This is the last resort to consider if the above methods fail to sell your junked motors.

As the money received for selling your junked car is much lower than the methods mentioned above. This is recommended only as the last resort if you are unable to sell your car.

Make a couple of phone calls to scrapyards around your area to get the best sales price for your salvaged car. After getting the best quote, arrange with the company to tow your wrecked car within 2 days.

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