Essential Oils for Winter and Holiday Skin Care and Health

You want protection from cold, crisp, dry winter air and dehydrated household heating. Wintertime skin care. Enter essential oils to help you prepare for holiday time skin care and protect from winter’s worst damage.

There are many essential nutrients, vegetable and fruit oils and botanical ingredients that will deliver potent defense from winter’s hazards along with regenerating and supporting youthful, healthy skin.

Essential oils are the therapeutic icing on the already beneficial cake – or cream, or serum. They are an addition to your skin care regimen that offers enhanced and specific healing and defensive activity. The beauty of essential oils in skin care is their holistic ability to treat the symptoms, damage and condition of the skin simultaneously with the emotional factors that may be directly responsible for imbalanced skin conditions.

Winter skin needs some added protection. You’ll get this from the more  Men’s grooming   viscous (thicker) and resinous oils. They tend to be a first choice in therapeutic skin conditioning properties. Australian sandalwood, cedarwood, cistus, copaiba, frankincense, myrrh and patchouli are all good regenerative essential oils, extremely good as anti-aging skin care and provide solid protection from environmental damage.

Healthy regeneration of skin cells is a good thing no matter what season you’re in. Essential oils have something to offer in the category of regeneration of damaged, aging, compromised, irritated and/or sensitive skin. Helichrysum is the usual choice in this skin revitalizing function. Rosemary verbenone type, palmarosa, and Eucalyptus dives also have beneficial regenerative action. Lavender, geranium and Cape snowbush have full spectrum skin protective and conditioning properties. These oils also provide the stress relieving properties beneficial to any skin care system.

The holiday season can be a time of great stress for some, which will give the skin an irritated, sensitive appearance or cause breakouts. Not the best thing when so many photos are being taken of you with family and friends. Cape chamomile is an anti-stress, anti-anxiety and an anti-inflammatory oil – and a good addition to protective winter skin care.

Rose – queen or king or supreme being of all oils – is not only a superior skin regenerative oil, it is antimicrobial and wrinkle reducing with stress relieving and emotionally balancing activity. Rose is well worth the high cost and is quite effective in lower concentration.


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