Choosing Golf Clubs at the Right Time

Choosing Vclubshop the right golf club in a given situation can make or break your game.

Sometimes selecting the right club can overcome any kinks you may have in your swing. Consideration in choosing the right club can sometimes be difficult but with time it will become second nature. Once you reach this level you will be choosing the right club without any thinking.

To reach this level keep reading, it can only help.

Novice golfers sometimes have a problem understanding that they will actually use all 14 clubs in the bag. Just the same, the more one golfs and gains experience he will see the need of using a particular club in a specific situation.

Naturally when you begin, your bag will include the 14 Vclubshop golf clubs made up of a driver, fairway woods, irons, wedges and a putter. Each club is designed for a specific purpose and will be used throughout a round and hopefully help make up for some bad strokes.

All clubs are designed to compensate for players with limited skill levels. That being the case it is best when choosing clubs you choose a club you are good with and comfortable when using.

Your skill level will determine what clubs will be in your bag. If your running 10 or less strokes over par your choice of golf clubs will will be substantially different than if you are 23-30 strokes over par.

If your in the high over par level you probably use woods more than any Vclubshop other club because they are easier to use and will give you somewhat more accuracy. However, if you are a practiced golfer you will find that the irons and wedges will give you the performance.

needed in certain situations. But, to achieve this performance you will have to practice with the irons and wedges to find each clubs distance capabilities using your normal swing.

This means you should go to the course or range and hit 15 balls with each club. After hitting the 15 balls determine the average distance achieved and write this down. Now when your are on the course and a certain distance from the green you will be able to determine which club to use.

If you find yourself having trouble with the irons you might want to consider adding a couple Hybrid Golf clubs to your bag. Hybrid’s have become more popular the last few years and even some of the pros are using them. Hybrids are designed somewhere between a wood and an iron.

Once you get to use to them they can provide a little more accuracy and helps you get out of some difficult situations. Sometimes, they may be referred to as a rescue club.

Hybrid golf clubs have become so popular some golfers have converted their complete set to hybrids. Once you get use to them it can improve your skill level considerably. You might want to try one before committing yourself to more than a couple to add to your golf bag.

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