Benefits of Custom Boxes for an Online Retailer’s Image

Online century

The days when you could count the brands that were doing business online are gone for good. Now it seems suspicious if a name is not involved in this field mainly because it looks like not respecting the customer’s desire and need to have easy access to any service or good the brand could offer.

Taking into consideration this aspect, you could easily figure that nowadays brands are fighting for the customers’ attention especially custom coffee box in the online zone where the wanted target is bombed with catchy information and excellent personalized deals. This is a critical step in gaining a customer, but it is just the first one, what comes after it being the maintenance of customer’s loyalty which a brand can obtain only by building a unique relationship with its customer and making the experience of buying, something he wants to repeat. One way through which the brand could do that is paying attention to the details, one of those being the way the package is shipped and this is not referring to the mailman’s amiability, but to the packaging appearance. Sending a package in the plain brown box does not say about the brand that it wants to build a connection with the customer, but only that it considered the customer not important enough to be offered some little more effort.

Getting closer to the brand through custom boxes

Let’s say, for example, that your favorite online store is always shipping your orders in custom boxes in your favorite colors with some quotes written on them that tell something about you beliefs and personality. Maybe you would want to keep the box, and every time you see it, it will remind you of that brand. Furthermore, people have the tendency to appreciate the nice gestures, the fact that will make you think twice when to choose another brand or not.

Brand identity in the customer’s mind

Another aspect concerning the benefits of the nice custom boxes, besides the appearance one, is to boost the brand identity. As already mentioned, if the custom boxes are personalized and the customer likes them and eventually keeps them, there are plenty of chances to be in contact with the brand’s visual identity elements such as logo and slogan more often that usually. So, next time when he will see those elements on the street he will remember what brand has them and this way that brand is obtaining one more second of the customer’s attention comparing to other brands in the same market.

A new shopping experience

After all, probably the most important impact that packaging in custom boxes has is the exceptional shopping experience. Firstly, the customer feels important for the brand which spent time and money to think about how he would want his custom boxes to look like and what are the colors and messages that he identifies with. Secondly, there is that personal feeling of opening a box specially made for you that can remind you of the exciting days of waiting for Santa Claus and opening up the gifts that were exactly what you asked for.

It might look a tiny detail and also a waste of resources to invest a brand’s efforts into something so small as the custom boxes, but the effect is unexpectedly well felt by the customer.

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