Be Careful in Some Common Vehicle Problems

A vehicle must be properly taken care of to improve its performance and durability. A well-maintained vehicle is much more economical eventually and gives off much less pollution. It is manufactured from a variety of components which are interdependent on one another for their own functionality. Here I listed several typical vehicle problems:

Tyre pressure problem

Vehicle tyres must not be over-inflated or deflated. Excessive pressure can aid in reducing the traction force, though low pressure boosts the gas consumption. Ensuring the proper tire pressure in a vehicle tyres can enhance gas efficiency as well as a longer run for tyres.

Inadequate Tyre Tread Depth

Vehicle tyres must have minimum 5mm tread depth; any change out of this range may make the vehicle loose stability. The vibrations felt from the steering wheel, the seat or even number plate check the vehicle floor is actually caused due to inadequate tyre tread depth.

Braking system problem

The screeching noise from the brake might be an important cause of concern. Vehicle brake system includes a few components like drums, brake pad, calipers and so on and any one of them could possibly be the cause for defective brakes. Another cause for an unresponsive, shaky and slow brake might be, low brake fluid in the reservoir.

Nonfunctional Air Conditioning

Absence of refrigerant within the system is the most typical bring about of a nonfunctional air conditioner. It can leak or seep out with the compressor, O-ring seal or the pinhole within the condenser or evaporator. Compressor failures also result within the loss of lubrication.

Clogged Air Filter

Air flow through the motor is crucial to make sure motor and fuel efficiency. Air filters must be cleaned, maintained and replaced regularly.

Smoke in Exhaust

Smoke coming out in the exhaust, especially black or gray, is a signal of your vehicle not functioning properly. Your motor could possibly be burning oil, coolant or the fuel injector could possibly be leaky. Repairs will have to be done, depending on the bring about on the smoke.

Oil Pressure

Usually oil pressure warning light turns on, when oil pressure drops below the minimum desired level. Low levels may lead to overheating, leading to loss of lubrication and motor damage like broken connecting rods, damaged crankshaft journals, etc.

Constant Fused Bulbs

This is caused due to the high setting with the alternator voltage and really should be checked right away as the battery could give off explosive hydrogen gas when the auto overcharges.

Worn-Out Windshield Wiper Blades

Damaged or chipped wiper blades can lead to accidents, as they harm and reduce the visibility of you vehicle screen. They need to be checked and replaced on a regular basis.

Vehicle Battery

The vehicle battery can run down for a number of factors, namely,

* The battery is not recharging whilst the vehicle is being driven.

* The lights or some other power-pulling accessory is left switched on.

* The battery is old and requirements to be replaced.

Preventive vehicle check can go a long way in its efficiency. One can keep track of its servicing, maintenance, and replacement requirements via the owners manual. Most importantly, always have your vehicle serviced by a qualified and authorized mechanic.

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